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Aries: You're Reassessing Your Goals And Sense Of Authority

As with your Aries friends, in particular, you will feel pulled in a variety of directions this year.

On one hand, you will be pulled inward and this will require some measure of surrender in preparation for a rebirth of some kind. On the other hand, presents a powerful creative wellspring for you. Yet, you must be willing to do your diligence and be willing to learn, a process which could certainly involve training and which can be described as an apprenticeship. This drive will be accompanied by a rebellious determination. Perhaps the most important revolution will be of your own attitude and approach.

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It is that creative force mentioned and will inspire you to go big. In you have a great opportunity to realize dreams and nurture a new level of personal power which can translate into inner fulfillment and outer success. Virgo Aug. A summons has been sounded for you to answer and it may amount to be beyond the call of your usual duty. If ever there was a time to expand your vision of yourself and the world and in the world, this is it.

Although a steady process of patient and diligent efforts are required, which also include a definite learning curve process, your confidences are beginning to rise and this trend is destined to continue.

January 5–6 Solar Eclipse (Partial) in Capricorn sign

Woven within the overall process is a metamorphic theme, as with your Gemini friends. It is linked to a cultivation of your talents and you are wise to focus on practical applications, mostly. In destiny will guide you to lay claim to a fuller measure of your personal power but only that which is a reflection of your spiritual purpose and to recognize all those that merely reflect your ego attachments will likely not manifest and will dissolve like a mirage.

Libra Sep. Laying claim to new levels and positions of power, authority and duty is already underway and will continue in These are likely to challenge you are core levels, however, and push to face your fears to lay claim to hidden gifts and talents. Positively, this can amount to promotions and graduations to new levels. The destined goal is to introduce new elements or people to break any patterns that indicate monotony, stagnation, and boredom. It began a year ago, actually and, in some respects, much earlier yet, but stands to be extra powerful so you are wise to be aware.

This could include personal strengths and implies a measurable state and rate of transformational change.

Venus enters Sagittarius

It could also manifest as new streams of income. It may actually even be deemed vital that you not take it for granted. In you will be busier as new levels of power and responsibility become the new norm. This will also manifest as changes in your relationships, but perhaps especially with the relationship with your own self. Scorpio Oct. Your higher mind is calling you, to go deep, again. It wants you to awaken to and realize what constitutes your deep sense of individuality.

Included in this process is breaking free of limiting perspectives and to overcome assumptions and narrow opinions of yourself, others and life in general. A theme of democracy is featured. Doing so could prove worthwhile especially financially.

Solar Eclipse in Capricorn 5 6th January 2019

Yet, you must also be willing to learn to earn and perhaps to teach as well. Fortunately, your ambitions are running high so you will not be too bothered by the required effort, probably. You must choose which and you may experience repeated tests over the coming years, let alone months! In important and powerful changes will occur, especially in your overall scope of relationships.

Sagittarius Nov. Already as begins you have entered an important cycle of change and transformation. It will require that you let go of control, stubborn or resistant attitudes and of attachments. Doing so will require you to put in the extra effort and even reach out to get help as necessary. It also implies making key investments.

Lunar & Solar Eclipses in 12222 and How They Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Learning new skills and developing your talents is also extra important. Positively, this year will manifest as a cycle of expansion and increase and of boldly going where you have not been before. Over all, your energy levels will rise steadily and your drive and determination will follow later in the year. This is linked to your career as well.

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You will feel pushed to integrate new and better patterns in your usual rhythm according to your needs and choices. In the focus is upon making changes initiated by a combination of your own will to expand and explore the possibilities and those that are destined to occur naturally and these may be interpreted as necessities. Capricorn Dec. Becoming more aware of and focused upon your most important relationships is already and will become increasingly important and apparent as unfolds. This can be understood as a call to cultivate greater empathy both for yourself and others.

This implies learning to be more understanding of yourself and others and less understood by others. Further, circumstances will push you to dig deeper into your hidden reserves of faith, perhaps than you have for a long time. This trend will actually continue well into the year. Further, it is about deciphering your best direction in life generally.

The key to this process will be to humbly acknowledge that you may not know yourself as much as you once thought. In you are destined to become more self-aware yet less self-centered. In doing so, you may discover how liberating and rewarding it is to genuinely bring attention to the reality and needs of others as opposed to an emphasis on your own interests and ambitions.

Aquarius Jan. Having access to powers you once had may seem increasingly confined. On the other hand, as you learn to adapt to a steady flow of changing circumstances, there you find your power and purpose. Yet, circumstances will push you to dig deeper during the latter half of February but this may manifest as spiritual experiences or a temporary departure from mundane realities. By spring your energies will rise again and with a clear and strong creative component. This may be understood as a liberating ordeal and your challenge is to be available for whatever is required of you. Alternately, it could manifest as a steady stream of spiritual liberation and awakening.

In you will become more grounded and focused upon practical applications of your skills and abilities. This will manifest as exciting new cultural experiences and meeting new people that may well emerge as new friends. Pisces Feb. A creative cycle has already begun and will continue throughout It is important that you identify and lay claim to what makes you special.

A good portion of this is your mode of perception and it includes your imagination too. The time has come to put it out there more fully. This will require calculated risks and some measure of effort linked to working more closely with others. A key factor in your success will be to mind your own business, literally. This will require risk, faith in yourself and diligent effort.

While it may not be about love per se, you can learn to be more appreciative and respectful of money and yourself in terms of your worth and earning ability.

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In you are destined to become more creative and focused upon your skills and talents. Hardly an idle year, you are wise to set clear goals and work at them diligently and consistently for the sake of both fulfilling your destiny and for increasing your returns and earning power as well. Summary Version of Horoscope for This tempo will remain high to mid-February then quiet down due to a strong Pisces influence. In April the momentum will rise steadily through May, plateau, then peak again in July calming a bit in mid-August through September.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses , Online Eclipse Calendar, Astrology |

When there is more than one planet in honor, they tend to compete for attention possibly disrupting clear decisions and focused action. Giving each their due is the key. Mars in Aries will activate like a gunshot conjunct Uranus at critical 29 Aries in early to mid-February will prove revolutionary and momentous.

eclipse january 2020 astrology capricorn Eclipse january 2020 astrology capricorn
eclipse january 2020 astrology capricorn Eclipse january 2020 astrology capricorn
eclipse january 2020 astrology capricorn Eclipse january 2020 astrology capricorn
eclipse january 2020 astrology capricorn Eclipse january 2020 astrology capricorn
eclipse january 2020 astrology capricorn Eclipse january 2020 astrology capricorn
eclipse january 2020 astrology capricorn Eclipse january 2020 astrology capricorn

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