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We should examine 7th house, 7th lord, and Venus in general. But 2nd house, being house of family, and 5th house of children and 11th from 7th, gain, and 11th house , from lagna , lagna lord and planets in these houses also have its importance. According to BPHS shloka 22 — 34 chapter 20th give yogas for early marriage [physical relations].

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Sun in the 7th house and the 7th lord is conjoined with Venus also gives early marriage. Venus in the Kendra from the ascendant like ascendant, and the lagna lord is in the sign of Saturn [10th or 11th] also gives an early marriage. Venus in the kendra from ascendant and the Saturn is in 7th from Venus also gives an early marriage. The Venus in the 7th from Moon and the Saturn in the 7th from Venus also gives timely marriage.

Late Marriage/ Delay In Marriage In Horoscope

If 2nd lord is in 11th and 11th lord in 2nd,[exchange] the native will get early marriage; Venus is placed in 2nd house, 2nd lord in conjunction with Mars, indicate marriage at the age of 22nd — 27th year, [ It may be delay marriage as compare to ancient time] The lagna lord in navamsha of 7th house, and 7th lord in 12th, marriage will be 23rd th year [delay] If 8th lord is placed in 7th house, and Venus in the navamsha of lagna lord , delay marriage If Venus in 5th house, and Rahu in 5th or 9th, there will be delay marriage.

If however Venus occupies Gemini in the Navamsa chart bereft of any cancelling effects, there will be problems after the marriage and there will be extra-marital or clandestine relations. It is often said that a horoscope having the Ascendant lord and the 7th lord in interplanetary war as a rule indicates disturbed marriage either due to plural marriage or due to extra-marital relations. The 7th lord in the 9th house is considered to be yet another unfortunate placement especially in a female horoscope as it disturbs marriage or indicates erratic sexual behavior of the husband.

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In some cases it causes Sapatni Yoga or Avakalatra Yoga. Saturn in the 9th house in a friendly sign or in an exalted place is also considered to be a dangerous sign for a happy married life.

There are some of the principles found in text-books; but these are but a few of the thousands of examples. Extra-marital relations, with reference to a man, may be classified into 5 categories, viz. Each category is a class by itself and our Sastras have laid down various planetary combinations and configurations to indicate each of the 5 categories.

Why Marriage - be unsuccessful?

With economic development the preference of education, career, service etc. There are changes in the size of the family - we now have nuclear families, therefore children want to settle down first and then marry. Education is an important consideration for girls. They want to complete certain level of education before marriage. All this results in pushing up the eligibility age of marriage or right age of marriage.

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Earlier, the age of marriage used to be 15 to 18 years, at present it is about years and in metropolitan cities, may be years. Hence if a girl is married before 25 years of age it is considered timely marriage — before this early marriage and after this late marriage. For boys there used to be additional considerations of family responsibilities like marriage of sisters or brothers and sometimes supplementing the income of father or family in a joint family which delays marriage. Therefore if a boy is married before 28 years it is timely, beyond that it is late marriage.

Though child marriages are declining, many parents do not consult as Astrologer and still follow their traditions. We therefore have to keep in mind Desh, Kaal, Patr before giving predictions. The social background is essential for it. The compatibility criterion has also changed on the basis of education, levels of jobs, nature of job in urban areas.

Astrology may be one of the factors for delay in marriage. Shankaracharya Shri Chandra Shekhar Saraswtiji did not allow tallying of horoscopes beyond 26 years of age and stressed on reconciliation.

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Accepting imperfections has been accepted in Hindu Astrology but Dosh Samya can also be another reason for delay in marriage. Mangal Dosha is accepted for delay but Saturn in 8th house aspects 5th house delaying child birth which means delay in marriage. Except in tribals or western society — child birth outside wedlock without marriage is not accepted.

Hence Saturn in 8th house is cause of delay in marriage.

In a good consideration the focus should be on Venus, the significater of marriage. Afflicted or between two malefic it can be a reason for delay or unhappy sensual enjoyment. Together with economic reasons there are some sociological and psychological reasons. This kind of rejection of match of educated families in the initial years, results in delay of marriage. Dowry is another factor for delay.

Sometimes, it is the other way, when boys and girls want well educated spouse but parents prefer dowry which eventually results in delay. Excessive interference by parents mostly by mothers delays marriage. They want everything according to their choice. Tolerance is also reducing.

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early marriage in vedic astrology Early marriage in vedic astrology
early marriage in vedic astrology Early marriage in vedic astrology
early marriage in vedic astrology Early marriage in vedic astrology
early marriage in vedic astrology Early marriage in vedic astrology
early marriage in vedic astrology Early marriage in vedic astrology

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