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Business, travel or communications are full of ups and downs as the week begins. Take time to sort it out, bit by bit.

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Otherwise, the focus shifts to home and family. You can smooth out any difficulties or re-jig the patterns that keep the domicile ticking over. Thursday Mars tramples the barriers to campaign in Libra, your house of personal finances and values. Finances will be a key point, sorting through paperwork, statements, phone calls, writing and discussions. A blast from the past may shake up the present, especially Friday, when a lost love or a karmic connection may sail into port. Make the most of this opportunity on the weekend.

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Be ready for a week of simmering love. Home or family concerns feature from there.

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Review and renew with a little innovative discussion. Just be ready to head off on a whim. Testing choices emerge connected with friends, group activity or community involvement. Take up the challenge and set yourself on a new track.

Single Love Horoscope

Thursday will set the lights dancing as the Moon shines in Virgo bringing opportunities for change by including other people in your life, whether romantically or in business. Your own personal magnetism will be high, so make the most of the passion surge!

Prepare for a change or a renewal with your financial state as the New Moon in Libra comes on Saturday. More money in the hand! With your full birth details I can tell with surprising accuracy, what's likely to happen in your life going forward and I can reveal to you so much about why you are, the way you are. Treat yourself.

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The 13th Sign? Email: Pass j :. Free Trial! Virgo, brings positive signs for your love life and marriage. Jupiter rules your 7th house of marriage and will transit Scorpio for a large part of In your horoscope, it aspects your 11th house i. If you are in search for a partner, new romantic relationships are likely to fill your life with love.

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Jupiter symbolizes marital union and favors marriage in , especially for Virgo women. However, your odds are strong till the month of March, as April onwards, Rahu looks unfavorable for marital alliances in If you are planning to remarry, then looks promising. Your family might not support your decision of remarriage though, yet you should be confident and try to convince them politely and patiently.

The Virgo marriage horoscope shows that matters will proceed peacefully. The year seems good for single Virgos. Your love life will flourish with now blossoms of romance. You will meet your dream partner this year and can plan to marry. A new romantic relation will give new direction to your life, Virgo.

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If you were experiencing delays in marriage, then things are about to change for good. The Virgo marriage horoscope brings good news for you. If you love someone, now is the time to express your feelings.

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  • Confidently setup a romantic date and boldly open your heart. A positive response is quite likely. If dating someone, then your bond will be stronger than ever in Couples will enjoy a period of love and mutual respect. According to Virgo marriage predictions, you may plan to take the plunge and change your relation to marriage in For unmarried couples, the period from July to September seems a little rough.

    Your relationship may face turmoil and you should remain patient.

    daily virgo singles horoscope Daily virgo singles horoscope
    daily virgo singles horoscope Daily virgo singles horoscope
    daily virgo singles horoscope Daily virgo singles horoscope
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    daily virgo singles horoscope Daily virgo singles horoscope
    daily virgo singles horoscope Daily virgo singles horoscope

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